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Great Business Resources

Having the right tools, can increase your productivity, remove frustration and simplify your life as an entrepreneur. Not to mention how the right tools can be the key to boosting your revenue and profit.

These are the tools I use across my businesses to produce great results. I know, love and trust these brands, they have looked after me with great products and great customer service. If you are looking for a tool to help you, look below for my recommendations.

For each tool, I’ll tell you where I use it and why I chose it over other software available on the market. If you have any questions feel free to ask (but please note, the software creators themselves are the best people to ask tech support questions to, I lean on them when I am learning their products and you should too).

Email Management Systems

Customer Relationship Management is key to any successful business. As a minimum you should be able to reach out and communicate with your clients any time you need to. Whether it’s to share your latest product or to continue building a relationship of trust. A great Email Management System is key.

Mailerlite is an exceptional entry level EMS. You can open an account for free for your first 1000 subscribers making it a great starting point for most businesses. I’ve found it’s fees to be great value compared to many EMS and it has an amazing amount of options for automation to improve your businesses efficiency.

I use it for my Author Business where I have hosted email lists of up to 27,000 customers and it has been an integral part of my success in that business. They have also been great with me whenever I have had support queries (important because I’m no tech genius).

They also have great landing page options to help you begin to grow your list of clients.

You can get a Mailerlite account here and start testing it for yourself (free for the first 1000 email addresses).


Convertkit is an advanced EMS system. I use it for this site (Master Your Business). The reason I chose Convertkit is for it’s advanced automation and analytics. It helps me keep track of all of my clients, students and ensures that the content I send them is always tailored specifically to their needs and circumstances.

Convertkit is a more expensive option with their smallest plan starting at $30 a month. It’s not the cheapest options on the market but it has everything you need to run a large business with more complex needs.

I must say their customer service is second to none. I’ve leaned on them heavily as I have learned to use it’s many features and they’ve been quick, efficient and comprehensive in their response. I don’t know what more I can say than I chose it for this business. 🙂

You can try Convertkit free for 14 days or grab your account here.


Lead Generation &

Funnel Creation

Clickfunnels is software designed to make it as easy as possible to gather new leads, sell products and services and deliver value to your customers. Cobbling together all the different tech pieces that are required to do this can be intimidating or downright frustrating at times.

They also have a whole range of training available to help you improve your marketing and sales skills, something every entrepreneur needs to succeed.

If you would like to try Clickfunnels for 14 days for free, you can use this link.


Graphic Design

Canva – For your graphics design needs, Canva is a great product. I’ve always found Photoshop a little difficult (though a great product). Canva is a great online tool that will help you develop great graphics for your brand. It’s even easy enough for me to use.

You can find Canva here. They have free plans and paid models though the free will likely meet most of your needs.

Stock Images

Stock images is the term used to describe images that are sold with rights to re-use or sell. It’s essential to ensure that you have the rights to the images you use across your platforms.

Here are a few options we make use of.

Pexels – For great free stock images Pexels is your first port of call. You can find it here.

Depositphoto – When pexels hasn’t got what I need, I try Depositphotos next. Photos that can be used commercially at a reasonable rate. You can find Depositphotos here.



Ipage – I’ve hosted a number of websites with Ipage over the years. I’ve always found them great to work with. They are one of the cheapest options available and still provide reliable service. A great starting point for the budding entrepreneur.

Hostgator – For more intensive websites with greater demands and speed requirements I use Hostgator and have found them to be equal to the task!

Google Apps For Business – Having a professionally branded email has never been easier. Google Apps For Business allows you to set up your branded email and comes with a whole suite of other useful tools. Click here for Google Apps For Business

Godaddy – When you own a website it has to be parked at a digital address or domain. Godaddy is where I get mine. It’s also the tool I use to check name availability when I am starting new business ventures. You can find it here


Payment Gateways

Stripe – When it comes to adding a payment gateway to your digital platform, Stripe is an excellent option. We use them right here for all of our transactions! You can find Stripe here.


Testimonial Gathering

88% of customers trust testimonials and reviews and consider them vital in their purchase decision making. Gathering these are crucial for your success. We use:

Boast – Boast makes it simple for your customers to leave you a rating and a testimonial with in written or video format. We’ve really been impressed by this great tool. You can get Boast here.

Need something else?

If there is something you’re looking for, you are always welcome to reach out to us in the private Facebook group or on our support email at help@masteryourbusiness.com.au

Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, meaning that if you use them to open an account with the company they do pay me for the recommendation. BUT I would never recommend their products or services as a result of that fee. As you can tell, each company here has earned their place here due to excellent products and support that has helped me to grow my respective businesses.

Also being an affiliate often qualifies me to get you a special bonus, and as you know by now, I’m all about getting you as much value as possible.