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Facebook Group Rules & Guidelines

Our Free Facebook Group is an amazing community filled with Entrepreneurs working together to improve themselves and their businesses. With members ranging from new start ups to 6,7 and 8 figure business owners you won’t find a group better equipped to help you on your business journey.

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Master Your Business Community Rules:

– No Self Promotion (posting links, unsolicited direct messages, items for sale etc)
– No unsolicited contact of other group members.
– Use #Ask #Praise #Give Keywords in your posts to identify your topic.
– Manners to be used at all times.
– Inappropriate content will be removed.

Breaches of our rules will result in immediate removal from the group.

If you have a question, simply ask. As always you can reach out to us at: help@masteryourbusiness.com.au

Posting Guidelines:

#Ask – To be used to ask any question you may have.

#Praise – Used to show appreciation to people, groups or service providers who have been great.

#Give – To share advice from something you may have learned or discovered, that may in turn benefit others in the group. As always this should not be self-promotion.